Mission, Vision & Values

Company Ethics and Mission
Coniak Lifesciences Desires to build an empire of pharmaceutical medicine, we wish to touch every city of India and provide them quality medicines timely. We aim to manufacture good quality medicines which reduces the chances of harm and any risk to the patient. Although all our medicines are GMP and ISO certified, we make sure they are manufactured in a clean and safe environment too. Our values to our products are highly driven to quality and hygiene. Our core purpose is serving people good medicine and helping them cure from their ailments.

Coniak Lifesciences aim to raise the quality bar high for pharma medicines nationally as well as internationally. Our machinery are highly advanced and inspired from new technologies as well. We aspire for new innovations and we are not afraid to introduce new technologies in pharma medicine manufacturing. Having said that pharma medicine companies have a responsible job, we take the responsibility solely to manufacture quality medicine.
The team of Coniak Lifesciences has developed a better work culture and they dedicatedly work on manufacturing high quality medicine through the formulations prepared in labs with authentic ingredients. We use technology with a scientific approach.

Our Business Ideology
First and foremost our belief pillar is our quality which surely helps us to stand out at the position we are in. We manufacture medicine to make sure that medicine users would approach our company later in their life too. We are not an ordinary company that aims to sell once, but we hope to generate trust in clients on our services and medicines.

Coniak Lifesciences stands on four principles
Quality – It has always been our strength and it will be till we manufacture our last unit.
Ethics – Because having morals and running through the rules has always been a fundamental step of ours to move forward and grow.
Customer Focus – Our services are incomplete without giving satisfaction to customers, we don’t let our efforts go in vain and focus on customer satisfaction the most. This has been the reason for us to grow as well.
Respect and integrity – We hope to have a respectable business company and on the other hand we also respect our every customer without any partiality. Respect is the factor that a business must understand for growth and brand building.