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Paediatric Dry Syrup Section

Sr. No. Brand Name Molecule Name Packing
1 CONIART-L Artemether 80mg+Lumefantrine 480mg 30ml
2 CONIMONT-L Montululast 4mg+Levocetrizine 2.5 mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
3 CONIPAR-125 Paracetamol 125mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
4 CONIPAR-250 Paracetamol 250mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
5 CONIPAR-M Paracetamol 125mg+Mefenamic acid 50mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
6 CONIPAR-MDS Paracetamol 250mg+Mefenamic acid 100mg(mono cartoon pack) 60ml
7 CONIZOLID Linezolide 100mg Dry Syrup with water 30ml
8 NAZOSAP Paracetamol 125mg+Phenylephrine hcl 5mg+CPM 1 mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
9 NAZOSAP-DS Paracetamol 250mg+Phenylephrine hcl 5mg+CPM 1 mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
10 REtrACEF-50 Cefphodoxime 50mg/5ml Dry (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
11 REtrACEF-50 w/w Cefphodoxime 50mg/5ml Dry (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
12 REtrACEF-CV w/w Cefphodoxime 50mg+Clavunate 28.50mg (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
13 REtrACLAV w/w Amoxycillin 200mg+Potassium Clavulanate 28.50mg (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
14 REtrACLAV 457 w/w Amoxycillin 400mg+Potassium Clavulanate 57mg (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
15 REtrAFIX-50 Cefixime 50mg Dry Syp (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
16 REtrAFIX-CV Cefixime 50mg+clav 28.5 mg Dry Syp (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
17 REtrAFIX-OF w/w Cefixime 50mg+Ofloxacin 50mg Dry Syp (mono cartoon pack) 30ml
18 REtrAFLOX Ofloxacin 50mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
19 REtrAFLOX-OZ Ofloxacin 50mg+Ornidazole 125mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
20 REtrAFLOX-M SYP Ofloxacin 50mg+Metronidazole 100mg+Simethicone 10mg Syp (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
21 REtrAZITH-100 Azithromycin 100mg (mono cartoon pack) 15ml
22 REtrAZITH-200 Azithromycin 200mg (mono cartoon pack) 15ml
23 REtrACORT Deflazacort 6mg 30 / 60ml
24 SONAFLAM-P Aceclofenac 50mg+Paracetamol 125mg Syp (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
25 SONAMAX-OZ Levofloxacin 125mg+Ornidazole 125mg (mono cartoon pack) 60ml
26 VIZYJOY Lactic Acid Bacillus, Vit. B1, B2, B6, Nicotinamide, Folic Acid and D-Panthanol Oral Suspensions 60ml
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